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Mon - Sun: 8:00 - 24:00
Supermarket Albert:
Mon - Sun: 7:00 - 24:00
Mon - Sat: 9:00 - 21:00; Sun: 10:00 - 21:00


New Benefit program

Adding date: 1. 7. 2017

We are introducing summer discounts and sales for members of the Benefit program.

Bees on the roof of Atrium Flora

Adding date: 15. 5. 2017

You will find 6 beehives on the roof of Atrium Flora from the spring of 2017. An estimated half a million bees help pollinate the surrounding trees and plants and contribute to healthy greenery, and we believe that this is at least an imaginary drop on the path to a better world. See our next “eco” activities.

DELMART – Good food starts with...

Adding date: 31. 3. 2017

The newly opened supermarket DELMART is for everyone who professes a healthy lifestyle and knows that good food is an integral part. In the supermarket you can also come across private label DELMART. At the moment, below you will find, for example, range of food to go (eg. Fresh sandwiches, salads, fruit and vegetable juices […]

Shopping Fever 2017

Adding date: 21. 3. 2017

Enjoy the Shopping Fever 2017 in Atrium Flora. Great shopping event with many surprises!

The day when I will love myself

Adding date: 18. 1. 2017

Saturday, January 21, is becoming to “The day when I will love myself” for the second time.

Parking from 1/1/2017

Adding date: 7. 11. 2016

Mon-Fri 8.00 am–6.00 pm / 1 hour of free parking / Mon-Fri 6.00 pm–8.00 am / 3 hourS of free parking / Weekends and holidays / 3 hours of free parking / Price for every other commenced hour 50 CZK. We will extend the parking time for cinema VISITORS by 3 hours free of charge. […]