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Atrium Flora Grand Prix

Do you enjoy admiring a toned body, taking your breath away when you think about everything sportsmen and women have to go through to achieve it all? Then come and join us on 18 October for the 3rd Annual Bikini Fitness and Men´s Physique competition, held under the patronage of the Czech Association of Bodybuilding and Fitness!

Bikini Fitness

A sporting category for the gentler sex, specifically for those who are charismatic and ambitious and who love sport. The most successful contestants in the Bikini Fitness category do have symmetric and toned figures, but don’t expect huge muscles. What judges are looking for is an overall, natural appearance, ideally the top and bottom halves of the body being equally developed. Contestants are quite happy to use their femininity to catch the attention of the panel of judges and spectators alike, meaning that make-up, hair-styles and accessories are all perfect.


Men´s Physique

Do you know what the difference is between bodybuilding and “physique”? Well, it’s in the size of the muscles. While muscles are everything in bodybuilding, Men’s Physique competitions put the emphasis on the overall symmetry of the body and how the contestant comes across on stage. In this case, huge muscles are more of a hindrance than a help. Judges consider the overall appearance of the contestant, meaning whether his hairstyle goes well with his body and what he has on. Contestants wear shorts that come down to their knees. A major factor in the judges’ decision-making is how the contestant comes across on stage and how he interacts with the public.


Here’s how we enjoyed Atrium Flora Grand Prix in 2016. We dare say that this year will be even better.