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The school (almost) calls!

The school (almost) calls!

And that means that for all small fashionists, H & M has a great action: top + bottom part together at a special price.
Buy a children’s collection online and in H & M stone stores in pairs, from 10th to 23rd August, it’s worth it! (Action applies to specially marked bits.)

Last wave of discounts

Fill up your wardrobe for the most stylish pieces of this season at unique prizes. H & M discounts are now 70% off!

Are you ready for the fall?

You will love the latest collection of H & M! Chic & comfortable bits or other hooded sweatshirts, trendy denim, bombs with original embroidery or T-shirts with fun inscriptions will keep you entertained every day. Enjoy the last few days of summer and get ready in the autumn in style!

Starting date: 10.08.2017
Ending date: 27.08.2017



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