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Branch: Fashion, Shoes

Respect Your Shoes! They Have a History!

Sizeer knows that every step matters. You choose your own path and decide your style for the next day, but you should be ready from the ground up and be smart about it!

In one place you can find a constellation of the brightest streetwear stars within an arm’s reach. Nike, adidas originals, Reebok, Converse, Vans, Puma, New Balance, ASICS, Lacoste, as well as Timberland classics – all kinds of legendary brands. Respect this and let them become a part of your history. Experience, share, set your own tempo when striding through the city and do it always when wearing your favourite sneakers. Reach for what’s yours, what’s tried and proven and what makes you different – you can find it in over 130 stores across Europe in the best shopping centres, shopping streets and at

Be like Sizeer – choose what’s best and don't be afraid to set the trends.

Besides kicks, sneakers, trainers and boots, you can choose from the best selection of streetwear. Complement your style with flayers, bombers, hoodies, t-shirts, joggers and fullcaps from the best brands, such as adidas, Nike, Confront and New Era. Trendsetters who know their stuff already love it, now it's time for you and your version of history.

#RespectYourShoes #SelectedBySizeer

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