Vinohradská 2828/151 Praha 3




We sort waste
Up to 80% of the waste can be recycled so why not to help our planet at least a bit? For example we helped to recycle 474 tons of waste in 2019. Join us!




We use solar energy
We use solar and photovoltaic panels placed on the roof to heat water and produce electricity. We already have 130 photovoltaic and 28 solar panels there. We produce 57.6 MWh of electricity and save 3,447 m³ of gas every year.




We shine smartly
All restrooms are equipped with motion detectors. The marquee at the main entrance has a timer. Little by little we also install LED lighting, for example it is already everywhere in garages. Energetic saving is up to 70%.




Thank you for using public transport
Do you know, that more than half of you are travelling to us by public transport and so help to reduce the emissions of CO2? Thank you for thinking ecologically!





We save water
We are aware of the importance of thrifty water management, mainly in the cities. Therefore, we use rain water storage tanks which are used by 65% for flushing the toilets, but also for watering the green in our shopping centre. We also have the faucet aerators installed on all water faucets in public toilets that reduce the water flow without noticing that so it helps to avoid wasting the water.




We save electricity
Our escalators will start moving at the full speed only after you step on them. And after a while they slow down again considerably. Well and the elevators move thanks to energy recuperation which comes from their braking.




We help to pollinate the nearby flora
You can find six beehives on the Atrium Flora‘s roof since spring 2017. An estimated half a million bees help pollinate the surrounding trees and plants.





We support electromobility
We have charging stations for electric vehicles on the 1st floor of the underground garage. In order to support more sustainable modes of transport, we established these stations in 2023 in cooperation with ČEZ.






Atrium Flora shopping centre holds a prestigious certificate BREAAM which confirms that the building was built and is operated in accordance with the most demanding standards of environment responsibility. Thus it ranked alongside other significant buildings which obtained this certificate thanks to meeting the evaluation criteria.



BREAAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the oldest and by market the most appreciated certification of buildings sustainability. The certification is granted by British research centre BRE based on nine categories evaluating the environmental impact of the buildings. It is not only about the energy performance of the building and its environmental impact, but also about inner comfort of the place, using materials with low environmental impact or emphasis on replacing pollutants with more responsible alternatives, accessibility by emission-free means of transport, mitigation of environmental impact in terms of ecology and land use, waste management and recycling, and water management.


Rated buildings have to success in all of these areas as a part of certification, but the points are not gained only for compliance of applicable regulations, but for exceeding the minimum sustainability requirements. Fact that Atrium Flora have succeeded underlines the exceptionality of the centre in terms of environmental impacts.





Atrium Flora donated CZK 48,594 to Nadace Partnerství (Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation) and its initiative ‘Sázíme budoucnost’ (Planting the Future) in an event to support the planting of trees that was held from 16 August to 15 September 2021. We would hereby like to thank all our customers who participated in this event by visiting Atrium Flora, because we donated CZK 3 for each visitor.





One of the goals of the ‘Sázíme budoucnost’ initiative is to bring together everyone who is planting trees in our country and to plant 10 million trees outside the forest over the next 5 years with their help. Why outside the forest? Because even cities need to cool off, and it is necessary to support the resistance of the Czech landscape to the effects of climate change.


We agree with this thought, and we were happy to be able to support it at our event.