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We think ecologically

Maybe you think that shopping centres are places of the biggest consumerism. However, ours is different. Apart from trying to satisfy the shopping and cultural desires of each one of our clients, we are proud to take part in the ecological wave which is flooding the world.




Only 1 % of the water on Earth is exploitable

… and we definitely don’t want to take part in its wastage. That’s why we have become happy users of faucet aerators. They are on each sink tap at our public toilets and you may not even know that you’re saving water while using them. Faucet aerators reduce the water flow without making it perceptible. Of course except for its amount which you need to wash your hands.



We appreciate natural energy

… and we try to use it as much as possible. We use solar and photovoltaic panels placed on the roof of the shopping centre to heat water and make electricity. If it was technologically possible, we would like to be independent in this respect. We already have 130 photovoltaic and 28 solar panels. We produce 27,200 kWh of electricity and save 3.447 m3 of gas every year.

Let there be light

It would be so nice if we went to bed at sunset like our ancestors and if we didn’t have to care about indoor lighting… But it would mean that we couldn’t prepare so many nice moments for you which you can enjoy at Atrium Flora. So we have chosen a different solution and focused on energy savings. We have changed the time of turning on and turning off the lights in the shopping mall in order to act in conformity with our ecological belief. We have installed motion detectors and reduced the number of lights at all our toilets. And we have installed a timer control also on the marquee at the main entrance from Vinohradská street. We have been also using LED lights more and more. You can already find them everywhere in the garages and we are installing them at the mall gradually. And the savings? Around 70 %.

We don’t want to drown in garbage

… and that’s why we separate waste. If you don’t do it, you should start quickly. Don’t think that somewhere at the rubbish they put all the sorted waste on one pile again. These are just rumours which were disproved a long time ago. It has been calculated that each one of us produces 2 kg of waste every day, while 84 % of this waste can be recycled. So why don’t we relieve our planet at least a bit? In 2013 we recycled 2013 tons of waste, for example. Join us!

To relieve your legs doesn’t mean to waste energy

Have you emyslimeEkologicky-schodyver been thinking how much energy is needed to use escalators and elevators? At Atrium Flora we don’t even want to calculate it. And luckily we don’t have to. The reason is that the escalators have detectors which don’t make them move at the full speed until you step on them. And after a while they slow them down again considerably. And our elevators are almost perpetual motion machines. They move thanks to energy recovery which results from their slowing down. Funny, but functional and environment-friendly.

A drop in the sea to save the Earth

Albert Einstein said that as soon as bees die in the world, humanity will begin counting the last four years of its existence. We do not want to experience this, and we hope that the generations of our and your children also do not have to experience this. That is why you will find 6 beehives on the roof of Atrium Flora from the spring of 2017. An estimated half a million bees help pollinate the surrounding trees and plants and contribute to healthy greenery, and we believe that this is at least an imaginary drop on the path to a better world.

We know that there are many other areas where we can act in a responsible and environment-friendly way. We respect nature, its resources and we are definitely against any wastage. We believe that even a small support of the environment makes a difference and if each one of us contributes at least a bit, we will all live better and more happily. And that’s why we are always thinking how we could relieve our ecosystem at least a little bit.